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The Marcia Miatke Show

Nov 11, 2022

In this episode I talk about:  

01:55  Understanding the concept of ‘F**k Yes and  F**k No’ 

02:31  The psychology behind having a gut feeling 

04:21  When it is right to trust your gut instinct and how 

07:36  Gut instinct in relationships 

08:19  Why you shouldn’t trust your gut when making big decisions in life 

09:33  Tapping into your intuition 

09:42  The difference between intuition and anxiety 

03:26  If you are not living the life of your dreams, well then there is some work for us to do, I’m included in this cohort. I have to look at my limiting beliefs; I have to look at the way I think; I have to look at my biases to make sure that these things aren’t in the way of me creating the life that I actually want. 

04:22  If you’re not living the life that you want to live right now, then you cannot trust your initial instinct. 

05:24  When you are in fear, when you are scared, you’re intuition is low and you just need to own that. 

07:10  The things that are most amazing things for you, there isn’t certainty around it. You don’t have a pattern about it yet, how can it be, if it’s new? If it’s new and it’s a new possibility and it’s a new opportunity, your brain doesn’t have the data and the pattern so instinctively your gonna say, “No, that’s unsafe, that’s danger.’ 

08:18  When it comes to almost everything else in life just understand where your f**k no and where your f**k yes is coming from. There are times when it’s been a f**k yes for you and that dude was not good for you. Why? Because you have been working off old data points; you’ve been working off an old pattern and your old way of thinking cannot create a new reality.  You have to be willing to be uncomfortable, you have to be willing to sit with uncertainty; you have to be willing to lean into the resistance because in that resistance is your greatest life. 

10:02  It’s in the silence that we hear God’s voice; it’s in the silence God whispers. 

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