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The Marcia Miatke Show

Apr 29, 2021

In this episode I talk about: 

(00:34) Emotions vs Feelings 

(01:50) How emotions are measured 

(04:03) Understanding the cycle of emotions and feelings 

(05:42) How emotions directly impact us  

(05:52) The importance of emotional awareness 


(06:04) Awareness perceives change, so we need to have...

Apr 27, 2021

In this episode I talk about: 

(00:50) Inner Child Work: What is it and how we benefit from it 

(01:21) Understanding your inner child and why it is relevant to you today 

(04:34) Signs that you have a wounded inner child 

(10:02) A guide to healing your inner child 


(03:32) When we can address our...

Apr 22, 2021

In this episode I talk about: 

(00:56) Overview of emotional contagion 

(01:35) How our emotions/mindset are influenced by others 

(05:21) Assess our own emotional set point and mindset 

(06:21) Assess our boundaries, physical and energetic 

(07:42) Take inventory of our influences and influencers 


Apr 20, 2021

In this episode I talk about:

(00:51) Defining perfectionism 

(04:01) Examples of perfectionist thinking

(06:04) Examples of perfectionist behaviours

(10:29) Identify whether you have any perfectionist thinking or perfectionist behaviour 

(10:40) Focus on service, not yourself

(11:51) Set realistic standards


Apr 15, 2021

In this episode I talk about:

(00:37) What is trapped emotions

(01:42) You experience discomfort when other people talked about their feelings

(02:14) You regularly feel numb, blank or a pathetic

(03:16) You are forgetful and have a foggy mind

(03:41) You feel tired for no reason

(04:13) You always need to be...