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The Marcia Miatke Show

Aug 5, 2021

In this episode Tarra and I talk about: 

03:40 Tarra Lee’s life and career

07:39 Vedic and Natal Chart: What they are and how they impact us

10:45 The difference between Vedic and Western astrology 

16:47 What you need to get the most accurate reading 

23:18 The concept of karma 

28:19 The natal chart as a tool for self-improvement 

30:06 Understanding akashic records 

 19:10 Just stay curious and be open. Be open because when we close our mind we really are blocking ourselves and our evolution and I really believe that when you're ready for this information, it will be attracted into your life. So I trust that whoever is listening to this, there is a reason. I just encourage you to explore further  -  Tarra Lee 

 20:03 Have a mind that is open to everything, close to nothing 

 20:22 Always stay curious, always ask questions. The moment we think definitively, it’s this, we’re shutting ourselves off, just as you’ve said, we’re shutting ourselves off from getting more information, becoming wise or maybe ascending into a new level of ourselves, when we feel like I know the answer, it’s this  because I’ve been told this for how many years and I think that’s the really amazing perspective to have in life, is just to be open to receiving 

Tarra Lee is a  Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Health Consultant, Crystal Healer & Spiritual Empowerment Coach. She awakens and empowers women to reconnect to their sovereign self using the ancient vedic sciences of Jyotish and Ayurvedic medicine. Her passion is arming women with practical tools to gain clarity, courage and most importantly the confidence to live a soul-aligned life.  

Check out Tarra's website to learn how you can work with her. Connect with her on Instagram @tarraleerullo and on Facebook @iamtarralee. 

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