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The Marcia Miatke Show

Sep 19, 2022

In this episode, Candice & I talk about:  

01:38  Psychic Medium definition 

04:21  How Candice developed her psychic ability 

05:19  The difference between intuition and paranoia 

07:01  A guide to tapping into your own psychic abilities 

08:50   Reconnecting with your intuition 

14:05  Understanding your inner child 

15:50  Importance of gentleness towards ourselves 

19:45  Psychic Mediumship Training with Candice 

23:17  Benefits of building Psychic Mediumship  

26:51  Awakening the feminine power 

04:51  Healing is a forever thing, it’s not like I’m healed & here I go. - Candice Rebollo 

10:12  Whatever is going to bring you joy, pursue it with your heart, with all your might. Become a master of that thing that you feel you’re really disconnected from. - Candice Rebollo 

11:19  If you bring your inner child with the goal, a lot starts to blossom, a lot starts to heal, and all the other wounded aspects of ourselves begin to open too.  - Candice Rebollo 

18:28  When you’re channeling information & this is meant for your women, your class, your group, and whoever you’re leading. It’s the most deeply satisfying thing because you know you’re just enough, you know your presence is enough, you know your beauty, persona, energy and you’re aura orc field is enough, you’re more than enough as you are. - Candice Rebollo  

27:18  If you are not feeling safe in your body mama, I don’t care what you’re doing in this world, you will not be successful & if you achieve “success”, you won’t feel successful. - Marcia Miatke 

27:55  When we are not in our power, we manifest chaos, we manifest relationship issues, we manifest the same patterns, over & over & over again. - Candice Rebollo 

28:30 Lack of power is actually passed on. When we‘re not in our power, we actually send that out in an orc field to others & what happens then is we’re either spreading lack of power to other people or we’re allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of people who acknowledge that we’re not in our power. - Candice Rebollo 

29:43 When you are surrendering your power to a person or a man, that’s not power. When you surrender to the divine, that’s the ultimate power. - Marcia Miatke 

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Candice’s Bio 

Candice Rebollo is an Intuition Coach, Clairvoyant Psychic, & Master Breathwork Detox Facilitator. She has co-facilitated Breathwork Biohacking events for NASA alongside expert panelists consisting of the worlds top neuroscientists and psychologists.  

Her unique combination of using multifaceted modalities allows her to expedite problem solving by identifying core issues and patterns faster than traditional coaching methods. By helping her clients remove these illusive ‘blocks’ often hidden behind the veil to the untrained eye, she’s able to free the stagnant energy which hinders growth, while reestablishing the steady flow of abundance that creates breakthroughs. She’s built an attractive reputation by saving her clients the cost of wasted time, energy, and resources, while helping them redirect that energy to achieve greater success.  

Candice specializes in unlocking people’s gifts by awaking their divinity and true life purpose. She trains Psychic Mediums all over the world and assists women in awakening their divine feminine powers, while helping men become more powerful manifesters.

She currently travels abroad hosting transformational events around the globe; From co-facilitating Breathwork Detox events in expos headlined by Deepok Chopra, to hosting her own phychic retreats in exotic locations, her teachings are far reaching and highly sought after. 

You can apply for 1-on-1 coaching, private or corporate sessions HERE