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The Marcia Miatke Show

Mar 5, 2022

In this episode you’ll learn: 

01:16  Understanding uncertainty and complexity 

02:07  (1) Maintain your energy 

02.31  Become aware of our energy 

03:17  Lack of energy vs. high energy 

03:50  Consequences of trapped emotions 

04:30  Creating energetic and physical boundaries 

05:41  (2) Be a compassionate observer 

06:11  Helicopter perspective 

08:05 (3) Focus on your circle of influence 

10:48  Recap of strategies  

02:12  We can never respond in the most appropriate way or the best way that we want to, if we are in an emotional state or if our energy is depleted. 

07:12  You can only truly find the best solutions and solutions that are in alignment with your highest self when you are emotionally clear and when there is a little bit of psychological distance. 

07:49  We still care; we’re not becoming cold to the situation. We are still being compassionate towards it but we are bringing a level of clarity and distance so that we can make the biggest impact. 

09:47  People who are truly effective leaders focus on solutions, they focus on what they can actually control. 

10:05  Your circle of influence almost always comes down to you;  your behaviors, how you be, how you show up, how you respond to others; that’s your circle of influence. 

11:50  You can’t heal the world but you can heal yourself. 

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