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The Marcia Miatke Show

Nov 1, 2022

In this episode you'll learn:  

02:11  My personal definition of integrity 

05:41  How integrity is related to respect 

06:59  High level of awareness definition 

07:50  Signs of people who have embodied leadership skills 

10:38  Living in alignment with your true values 

11:37  The link between integrity & confidence 

12:47  How do you develop integrity in your life 

00:54  You cannot be a leader without integrity, these two go hand in hand. 

03:26  The things I do behind closed doors, God sees & the truths & the untruths that I tell, God hears. 

04:41  When we act out of integrity, we actually lose respect for ourselves. 

08:12 When we slip & we’re not acting in alignment with our words, it breaks down our character to the world. We are not as powerful in our being, how can we be? When we don’t trust ourselves. How can we be? When we’re used to telling white lies & not following through on our commitment, especially to ourselves. 

09:29  When we don’t act with integrity, there’s leaky energy, it seeps into the other areas of our life. 

12:01  When you don’t trust yourself, nobody else will trust you. 

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