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The Marcia Miatke Show

Aug 12, 2022

In this episode you'll learn:  

01:37  (1) Your child is the teacher 

07:27  (2) Your children are not yours to discipline 

08:51  How we hold boundaries without punishing our children 

13:27  (3) To raise sovereign beings we must allow our children to be sovereign 

14:07  The link between parenting & decision-making styles as an adult 

14:38  Importance of acknowledging & encouraging children to express themselves 

17:45  Conflict over different parenting styles 

18:04  What causes depression 

18:59  Parenting styles and children's emotional intelligence 

20:42  Signs that you need to heal 

07:19  When you shut down your emotions & you hold them down that will lead to depression 

09:31  Our children are not here for us to discipline & to control, our role as parents is to protect them & guide them. 

11:07  How can we tell our children to be gentle & to be kind if we are not gentle and kind with them? 

13:51  I believe that everybody should have a decision of what is happening to their body, any kind of medical procedure should be a personal choice. 

14:38  If we never let our children express if we always make them wrong if we need to fight them on every little thing, guess what? We dim their light & they start to believe that, ‘I don’t have all the answers for myself, I don’t know what’s right for myself,  my parents know what’s best for me.’ 

15:47  Allow your child to make mistakes & be that safe space for them to come back to, that person that doesn’t judge them, that person that loves them unconditionally. 

16:43  It’s funny how we tell our kids, ‘be confident’, ‘you got this’ but we don’t do things to actually build their confidence. 

20:19  We have to understand that when we are triggered when we’re going to fight mode with our child & when there is a power struggle with you & a toddler, please understand this - that’s your inner child fighting with your present day child. 

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