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The Marcia Miatke Show

Aug 23, 2021

In this episode I talk about: 

01:48  The current state of the world 

03:15  Questions to ask yourself now 

05:25  Speaking and living your truth 

08:00  Recognizing your patterns & shadow 

09:29  Tapping into your heart space 

11:11  The energy we put in is the energy we get out (business example) 

05:41 The energy in which you do anything, whether your scolding, belittling or sending off negative energy is the energy you will arrive with when that thing eventuates 

 07:09 I’m not here to place blame, I’m not here to place judgment. I wanted to take personal responsibility for our energy because that’s the only thing we can truly control 

 09:29 Know that you’re always being guided, that your soul will endure beyond this lifetime so let’s take this a little bit lighter but don’t betray yourself and be silent when you know you need to speak up and comply when you know it goes against your intuition. Do not be swayed either way, nobody knows the right answer for you and you know what, there isn’t a right answer 

 13:35 You can speak the truth from your  perspective, you can speak your truth and you can speak it from love and that is all that is required from you right now is to work on your vibration. Who are you being? 

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