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The Marcia Miatke Show

May 24, 2022

In this episode you’ll learn:  

01:39  Overview of Human Design 

03:34  Energy & Non-energy types 

08:11  The Human Design Manifestor  

09:00  Productivity as a Manifestor 

13:33  Generators & Manifesting Generators 

14:17  Generator’s energy strategy & alignment 

23:00  The difference between Generator and Manifesting Generator 

28:47  The Human Design Reflector 

29:38  What makes Reflector different from other types 

31:57  The Reflectors Strategy 

38:03  Learning to manage and lead the Reflectors 

46:33  The Human Design Projector 

47:36  The recognition & invitation  

50:23  Projector success secrets 

06:20  I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know about yourself but I’m just bringing to light the things that you have either forgotten or stuffed down or it's the quiet part of yourself. But really to live in your highest expression of yourself you need to amp that up. – Tanya Reyes 

10:37  It is really important for the Manifestor to follow those urges, those sparks of inspiration but to be able to really give your all when the urge strikes. You need to be rested enough, you need to be restored so that you have something to give to whatever the urge is asking of you.  – Tanya Reyes 

17:48  It really is such a beautiful thing when a Generator is using its energy correctly because things just flow from them, and life can feel easy. – Tanya Reyes 

24:49  For Manifesting Generator, my biggest advice is: Slow down once you have a gut response then go ahead, keep the ball rolling, and make the thing happen.  – Tanya Reyes   

27:11  You deserve to live an energized life.  – Tanya Reyes 

35:36  As a Reflector, part of the way we pull things into our life & to really step toward our purpose is to be super selective about who’s in our field & the energy that we are taking in.  – Tanya Reyes 

42:06  Sometimes when we think we have all the information, we’re not open to receiving wisdom from someone else. – Marcia Miatke

43:39  Just because we have our own timeline,  just respect that other people have their own timeline & if you respect the people that you’re working with, whether it’s a business partner or someone you are potentially doing a collaboration with. The respect is so easy & it can go so far & if we just all extended that level of care & respect to other people's differences, I think we will all be a lot happier & we actually perform a lot better. – Marcia Miatke

50:23  I just encourage you to embrace the fact that you are craving validation & recognition because you deserve that as a Projector, it’s so important for you to have that. – Tanya Reyes 


52:35  Projectors are here to teach us that you don’t have to hustle & grind to be successful.  – Tanya Reyes 

Today’s guest is Tanya Reyes a 5/2 Reflector and a Human Design Expert, before she understood that she was a Reflector & delved into this human design work, she viewed her sensitivity as weakness but now she realizes that it is one of her greatest gifts in helping guide others into alignment. 

If you want to discover your design, you need your birthday, your birth time & the location of your birth. There are several resources online where you can run your own chart but Tanya recommends 

Check out Tanya’s website for the ways you can work with her:  

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