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The Marcia Miatke Show

Mar 19, 2020

Today’s episode is a snippet from a live webinar I did last year for my transformational women’s program. While it was a general training on safeguarding our emotions, I wanted to share it publicly in light of our current global conditions. Regardless of our views on the Corona-virus; we can agree that our planet is out of alignment and these are truly uncertain times.  

Not only are we trying to manage our own emotions around what’s happening, we are also being triggered by other people’s actions, and we are feeling, and in many cases, absorbing other people’s emotions. This energetic entanglement has left many of us feeling drained and out of control. 

But this is not the time to be a victim, it’s the time to take back our power. And we step into our power by taking personal responsibility. And our responsibility extends beyond taking the physical steps to protect the health of the vulnerable, to include taking ownership for our emotions and energy. 

 Because in the same way, that our physical negligence can contribute to the spread of this virus, our emotional and energetic negligence can spread the virus of fear, panic and chaos.  

Now, I’m not saying don’t be informed. Be informed but don’t be inundated. Be informed, but first protect your emotions and your energy – and this will be the greatest gift you can give the world. 

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