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The Marcia Miatke Show

Nov 30, 2022

In this episode you’ll learn:  

00:57  Reasons you may feel overwhelmed 

02:08  The danger of suppressing emotions 

05:05  The importance of recognizing your emotions 

06:11  (1) Reframing the situations 

09:21  (2) Building your emotional intelligence and personal leadership 

10:55  Emotional intelligence in love and relationships 

12:50  Processing and releasing emotions 

15:50  How to live up to your full potential and succeed 

01:48  This feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion 99% of the time is because we are not processing our emotions.  

02:08  These emotions, these feelings that are never expressed, that are never released, that are never processed or transformed, they carry an energetic weight, and it becomes like we’re carrying a burden in our back. 

05:23  Your life is not going to get easier. People always think like, ‘When I have less on my plate.’ Mumma, you’re not gonna have less on your plate. Your life is not going to get more simple, it's actually going to get more complicated.  So are you going to allow the external situation to prevent you from living your best life because you are ‘overwhelmed’ or are you going to choose to look at the overwhelm and say ‘that’s a programmed response; this doesn’t have to be my reality, I get to choose something different. 

08:44 Get a bigger plate. Nobody says that you have to hold that plate. You can go to the buffet and you get the biggest plate there and say ‘I wanna go back to the buffet and fill up this plate.’ Guess what? That’s what life is all about. That’s why you came here, you came here to go to the buffet and to pick everything you wanted and to enjoy all of it. Don’t be holding your dessert plate like, ‘Oh, I’m just overwhelmed, and my plate is too full.’ 

11:55  When we can get to a place where we are processing our emotions and having those difficult conversations, we are going to feel so light.  

13:16  There’s no bigger betrayal than betraying myself.  

16:51  Chase your dreams because the world is moving faster and faster and faster. And I’m not saying you need to move faster, actually, you probably need to slow down, but you need to get more grounded and centered in who you truly are, and you can only do that when you expand your vessel. 

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