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The Marcia Miatke Show

Jul 5, 2022

In this episode, Steph & I talk about:  

02:20  Steph’s background story & her entrepreneurship journey 

09:21  How she transitioned successfully out of her 9-5 

16:45  Her mindset blocks & how she overcame them 

23:23  Most common mindset blocks that sabotage entrepreneurs 

28:49  The benefit of having a strong community 

30:51  Choosing your inner circle: who to include & exclude 

35:30  The value of making room for new friends and relationships 

38:45  Ways to build a CEO & success mindset 

44:01  Her tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur 

23:55  If you don’t do the work at the beginning, you don't get to skip that level. You can grow a multi-million dollar business without doing that work but I promise you, it will find you at any level. –  Steph Gorton 

26:18  The imposter syndrome is the thing that you need to treat, it’s not the metric that’s going to change that. –  Steph Gorton 

28:03  Love your friends for who they are, what they do & what they can do for you versus what they can’t. Don’t take away the shine because you have this incredible opportunity; and immediately you focus on the thing that you didn’t get. –  Steph Gorton 

28:37  There will always be another qualification & there will always be people that have more followers than you so you have to get grounded in where you are right now.  –  Marcia Miatke 

30:11  If you want to have a 6-7 figure business, you can’t do it alone, what  I mean by that is you need to link arms with people that are even just going cheer for you. –  Marcia Miatke 

34:09  You’re never losing somebody, you’re always creating space for something new. –  Steph Gorton 

41:06  Everything you believe to be true about yourself, you are saying it into existence, you are speaking it into existence. –  Steph Gorton 

45:16  If you want to be taken seriously in your corporate job, if you want to grow to the next level, you need to wow them with your skill; you need to wow them with your commitment; you need to wow them with your death & breadth of knowledge.  –  Steph Gorton 

45:51  If you have the skill to sell, you will have a skill for life & you will never ever be out of a job & you will never ever be out of money.  –  Steph Gorton 

Today’s guest is Stephanie Gorton, she is an award-winning coach that takes businesses from start-up to 6-7 figures & beyond. She has coached over 500 women to successfully grow their businesses to 10K+ months.  There’s so much I could say about Steph as a force in the business coaching space as evident to her client’s testimonial & multiple features including Forbes, Yahoo Finance & Daily Mail just to name a few. If you want to learn more about her, you can visit her website 

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