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The Marcia Miatke Show

May 6, 2022

In this episode you'll learn:  

01:21  3 general phases to actualizing your goals 

01:51  Why you are stuck in the asking phase 

03:27  How to get into the receiving phase  

06:48  Getting into vibrational alignment with your goals 

08:24  Importance of identifying your current phase 

09:48  Releasing attachment & trusting the universe 

13:12  Why healing your trauma can helps you achieve your goals 

02:59 When we’re perpetually asking it’s almost like we don’t trust God to give it to us.  

04:21  God helps those who help themselves. 

05:25  When you believe that it’s going to happen you are going to take completely different actions & the energy in which you take that action is going to impact the results i.e., if you don’t believe that it’s going happen you’re unlikely to take the action that’s required and therefore, it’s unlikely that it’s going happen for you. 

06:17  You have to execute, there is no bypassing the execution phase. 

08:38  You can’t be in the receiving mode if you’re still asking. You can only ask or receive, you can’t do both. 

12:04  If you are gripping tightly, you’re not receiving. A close hand is not a receiving hand. If you release your grip & open your hand then God can provide the miracle that you’re wanting in your life. 

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