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The Marcia Miatke Show

Mar 7, 2020

With 26 years experience in front of and behind the camera on Stage, TV and Film, today’s guest has certainly mastered the technical side of presenting, but as you’ll learn in this episode, his unique methodology helps presenters go from technically skilled to world class.  

I’m so excited to have Andrew Eggelton on the show. In this episode Andrew shares his 5 step methodology that helps presenters authentically connect to their audience by focusing on their Heart Brain and the magic in the space between the words. 

Now before you think this conversation only applies to speakers, this is a must listen for anyone who wants to be a more effective communicator.

Check out Andrew's website to learn how he can support you to become a world class speaker.

Connect with Andrew on Facebook @andreweggelton and instagram @andreweggelton

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