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The Marcia Miatke Show

Dec 20, 2022

Welcome to a segment of our show called Ask Marce (AM), where Marce will be answering a question from our Empowering Women For Success Facebook group. Every Wednesday we ask our FB community to comment on any questions they have about emotions, relationships, healing or business. 

Our commitment is that we’ll either answer your question, send you a resource, point you in the right direction or Marce will answer the question on this show. 

Today’s question is from Tran Taline who asked: 

Relationship related: Is it better to or not to share a past dark time with your current partner? 

In this episode I & Daniel talk about: 

01:20  Should you share a past dark time  with your current partner 

02:07  The benefits of sharing your dark past with your partner  

03:56  When is the right time to share a dark past with your partner  

08:47  What to disclose and not to disclose 

09:21  Relationship anxiety and how to overcome it 

04:48  If there is a high likelihood that this person is going to find this out, I feel like it makes more sense for you to be the one to share. - Marcia Miatke 

08:18  If he is your forever man, I think it’s worth it to work with the coach together, work with a therapist together so that it is navigated in the best way possible, and you can help bring it up in conversation in a session; but if this is someone that you don’t see a forever with, then I think it’s not even worth it, it's more harm than good. - Marcia Miatke 

08:48  I don’t think unnecessary things need to be brought up and spoken about. - Daniel Colosi 

09:03  If it's going to cause unnecessary doubt or drama, it doesn’t really have to be spoken about then I would not bring it up. - Daniel Colosi 

09:44  You do want to feel safe and accepted by someone and that in the future, you are going to make mistakes (not that you are going make these really big mistakes like cheating or something), but that you can feel fully safe and vulnerable to this person.  - Marcia Miatke 

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