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The Marcia Miatke Show

Jul 22, 2022

Welcome to the segment of our show called Ask Marce (AM), where Marce answers a question from our Empowering Women For Success Facebook group. Every Wednesday we ask our FB community to share questions they have about emotions, relationships, healing or business.  

Today’s question is from Kat who asked: 

When others put you down how do you not let them bother you? How do you deal with the put down comments? 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

01:52  (1) Take inventory of who is giving you the comment or feedback 

06:33  (2) Pause to self-reflect & take radical responsibility 

07:11  Why we are susceptible to negative feedback 

08:45  (3) Recognise that people’s perception of you is a reflection of them 

12:19  What makes a person critical 

13:07  The link between criticism & success  

03:11  Everybody has an opinion & just because someone has an opinion, doesn’t mean you should take it. Just because someone cares about you & has an opinion, doesn’t mean you should take it. Just because you love someone & they have an opinion, doesn’t mean that you should take it. Look at who you are getting the opinion from, does this person have success in that area? 

04:39  The most critical people that have something negative to say about everyone, everything and every opportunity are the ones that are most miserable. So why are you letting them in your ear? Would you trade lives with this person? Are they killing it in life? 

10:02  If that person is radiating from a place of love, they wouldn’t have underhanded comments to say to you, they wouldn’t need to minimize your success, and they wouldn’t need to be critical of your moves, in any way because someone who is thriving has no capacity to do that. 

10:53  When someone has something to say about you & it’s not kind, if they’re trying to put a label on you, they’re trying to minimize you, that has nothing to do with you, that is speaking volumes of their lack of security within themselves. 

12:29  You will never be criticized by someone doing more or someone doing better than you ever. 

13:41  You are not here to live into people’s fear, you are here to live into your potential. 

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