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The Marcia Miatke Show

Apr 7, 2022

In this episode you’ll learn:   02:58  Annmarie’s impact on my life 

11:06  Her journey to discovering her psychic abilities 

15:57  Tapping into her psychic abilities 

18:37  Understanding instinct and intuition 

20:41  Why you should trust our intuition 

22:13  How to know when our intuition is communicating to us 

25:53  A quick overview of her book - The Grateful 3 Approach To Life 

31:17  The concept of The F**k-It-Bucket  

41:24  Her coaching methods and approach 

19:22  When we’re born I believe we’re born with instinct and intuition they are massive senses, and that what’s guide us into this world. - Annmarie Lord 

23:23  If we listen to the conscious babble of the mind then we let that intuition go. People get a bit scared and said, “What if I trust it?” What if you trust it? Your life will change if you trust your intuition. - Annmarie Lord 

25:14  Always listen to your intuition it helped you travel safely into the world. - Annmarie Lord 

31:39  Don’t ever worry about what other people will say  or will think, it doesn’t matter and it should never affect you. - Annmarie Lord 

36:14  When you use the F**k-It-Bucket, you will realize that you should not let anyone stop you and you go forward because the only person you should listen to is you. - Annmarie Lord 

36:30  The most successful people in this world failed many times and the most unsuccessful people failed once or never.  - Annmarie Lord  

Annemarie Lord is internationally known as the “Motivational Medium.”  She combines her unique skills as a Psychic Medium with her extensive life coaching training to empower others to implement positive change, achieve their goals and find their purpose. Blending spirituality with science, she helps others remove blocks and achieve level of success they only dream of. 

If you want to learn more about her, you can visit her website @  and you can also grab her book here: 

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