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The Marcia Miatke Show

Nov 9, 2022

In this episode Deb & I talk about:  

02:02  Exploring the concept of shamanism 

04:54  Understanding power animal or guardian 

05:55  Shamanisms belief and history 

09:50  Definition of spirituality and how to practice it 

11:13  Shamanism in the modern world 

12:08  Unlocking your authentic abundance 

20:03  Shamanism for healing and empowerment   

25:46  A guide to choosing a shaman 

08:57  Whether you believe in spirit or not, we are body, mind and spirit. - Deb Macintyre 

10:40  The ancestral teachings and knowledge are held in your DNA, they pass down the line generationally. - Deb Macintyre 

14:28  Never feel that you have to let go of something, never ever feel that. - Deb Macintyre 

14:53 Be kind and gentle with yourself, it’s not about comparing yourself to other people or who they are on this journey. It's not about saying to yourself, I must, I should heal from it. Those words are very harsh, it’s all about bringing into the present and then the present links it to the past. - Deb Macintyre 

16:08  Know where that trauma, pain or story originated from and then we understand it, then we have a choice to heal from it, to let go and draw that line in the scene or to say, ‘Okay, I know, I'm aware of it, I acknowledged it but I am not ready.’ And that’s okay. - Deb Macintyre 

Deb Macintyre is an internationally renowned Shaman and Spiritual Teacher who awakens the primal tribal ancient part of who you are, bridging the gap between the physical realm and the spiritual reality while holding a safe space for you to release patterns, stories and limiting beliefs that restrict confined and no longer serve you. 

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