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The Marcia Miatke Show

Sep 27, 2022

Welcome to our Holistic Healing (HH) series where we explore different healing practices and methodolgies featuring practitioners from Synkro Wellness Precinct located in Western Australia. DM me 'Synkro' for discounts.

In this episode you'll learn:  

02:00  Correlation between Science & Spirituality 

03:02  Quick overview of Synkro 

04:10  The holistic way of health & wellness 

05:10  Practicing discernment in making decisions 

07.46  Receive and holding more abundance 

01:43 Just because we can measure something, it doesn’t mean that it is important or significant. Just because we can’t measure something or we don’t have the tools or the technology yet to measure something doesn’t mean that it’s not important and/or true. 

03:27  That not always one approach or one methodology is going to work whether it be to improve our health & our physical wellbeing or to heal from trauma or to get over limiting beliefs, all of that, that there isn’t just one approach, it’s not just mindset work, it’s not just emotional intelligence, it’s not just if you get your body physically strong you’re going to feel great about your life, it’s actually all of those things. 

05:11  Just because I can’t measure this, just because we don’t have a scientific term for this, just because there isn’t hard evidence or there hasn’t been research papers written on this; it doesn’t mean that there isn’t significance there, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t true & it doesn’t mean this isn’t important to your healing & to your overall wellbeing. 

07:46  I feel like to have it all we have to be open to receiving different viewpoints because as we receive different viewpoints & perspectives, we get to choose more for the plate that we have in front of us. If we are not willing to see different perspectives, we don’t know if we’re holding the plate with the best meal. 

08:05  To know that you are giving yourself the full nourishment of this life experience, we have to be willing to be open-minded & to hear different concepts because that’s really how we evolved as humans. 

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