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The Marcia Miatke Show

Sep 27, 2022

In this episode, Neelam & I talk about:  

01:51  The concept of core wounding  

05:38  The link between core wound & inner child 

10:17  How men and women respond to trauma 

16:39  Emotional regulation in parenthood 

17:42  Positive parenting importance 

21:52  Healing through breathwork 

24:28  Supporting kids identify & express emotions 

31:27  Building emotional intelligence 

31:59  How trauma is passed down through generations 

34:50  Learning to parent yourself 

40:44  Why being a high performer is a trauma response 

46:48  Recognizing & healing the core wound 

48:22  Other modalities for core wound healing 

14:33  The mother is the key to healing the world. - Marcia Miatke 

17:42  It’s really important that we’re checking with the kids if they experience any dysfunction around us so that they know that they are safe, that they are loved & they are wanted.  And the way parents act has nothing to do with them. - Neelam Taylor Somers 

18:55  Just because he can’t fully articulate yet doesn’t mean he’s not absorbing everything. - Marcia Miatke 

20:51  It’s not even about who’s witnessing, it’s you taking radical responsibilities for being crazy at that moment. - Marcia Miatke 

24:29  The child needs to cry & they need to shake, if we don’t allow them that, there is incompletion in trauma response. We need to hold space for our children to disperse trauma. - Neelam Taylor Somers 

31:43  A child doesn’t have the cognitive ability how to regulate their own emotions, they do need the adults around them. - Neelam Taylor Somers 

34:13  It’s not always what happened to us, it is sometimes what didn’t happen. - Neelam Taylor Somers 

35:45  It’s not all about blaming & shaming our parents for not giving us a perfect childhood, we as adults now have to self-parent. - Neelam Taylor Somers. 

47:14  We can use our relationship as our greatest spiritual growth because once we’ve healed the core wounding & we have an understanding & we can achieve that beautiful feeling in life & we can achieve anything we love, we’re not being held back, we've undone all the conditioning & all the programming as well, then in that way we can have a full awakening. - Neelam Taylor Somers 

52:44  We are one complete being, it’s not like different parts of us are working in isolation so what you are eating is impacting your emotions & what you are drinking is impacting your emotions. - Marcia Miatke  

Neelam Taylor Somers is an Intuitive Holistic Practitioner with over 25 years in the wellness industry. Through a body based psychotherapeutic approach, yogic practices, Awakening Breathwork & Intuitive Transformational coaching, Neelam works with clients to shift unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs, regulate & balance the Nervous System, heal the inner child, ancestral & core wounding. Connect with Neelam on Instagram here.

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