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The Marcia Miatke Show

Oct 14, 2021

In this episode you’ll learn: 

02:20  Amanda’s transformational journey 

09:55  Understanding archetypes 

10:40  An explanation of the Goddess archetypes  

12:22  The Maiden archetype 

14:33  The Lover archetype 

16:51  Identifying your primary archetypes 

18:40  How trauma affects your archetypes 

20:43  Rituals to connect to your sensuality 

04:30  The more you surrender to, the more it opens up, it just takes you where you really wanna go and you find that connection, you find that ease within yourself no matter what’s happening outside 

 23:34  Allowing that journey to take you where it wants to take you, allowing yourself to just fully surrender to that primal energy, that energy that’s moving through you; whatever it wants to tell you  

 24:46  There is no expectation you’re literally going in to just hold space for yourself with yourself for no actual outcome, there’s no goal to this except to be  

25:21  It is something that we all need to learn more of, so just be able to do something for the pleasure of experience 

Amanda Louisa Joseph is an Energy Alchemist & Feminine Embodiment Coach. She teaches women who are ready to create positive transformations how to work with the cyclical nature of the sacred feminine in order to optimise their business and careers, and bring more balance into their lives. Through mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, crystals and archetypal work, Amanda helps women reconnect and balance their feminine and masculine energies to thrive from the boardroom to the bedroom. Connect with her on Instagram @theamandalouisa to learn how you can work with her.  

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