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The Marcia Miatke Show

Dec 1, 2019

She’s a world-renowned sex and relationship coach, author, speaker, tantra practitioner, yoni egg goddess and most importantly a happily married wife who’s discovered the secrets to maintaining flirtatious passion, desire and intimacy in relationships long after the honeymoon phase is supposed to be over. 

Her coaching techniques are a blend of Ayurvedic Medicine, Tantra, Taoism and Quantum Physics. She teaches her clients how to harness their life force energy (I.e., chi, sexual energy, prana, kundalini) to transform all areas of their lives. I’m so excited to welcome the incredible Dr Shelly Persad. 

In this episode Dr Shelly and I talk about why women aren’t orgasming, the impact childhood programming and porn have on our sex lives, how to use sexual energy to create the lives that we want, and so much more. With all transparency guys I share more than I normally would about sex, because I want to highlight the importance of having these conversations, especially for the purpose of sexually empowering the next generation. And for that to happen we need to normalise sexual dialogue. Go to to dive deeper, learn more about her coaching and access a ton of free resources. 

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