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The Marcia Miatke Show

Apr 14, 2022

In this episode I & Sabah talk about:   02:30  Who personal branding is for 

03:01  Sabah's journey to building her personal brand 

04:09  Understanding personal branding 

04:59  Why you need to build a powerful personal brand 

07:36  Internal Branding vs External Branding 

09:22  Creating a compelling personal brand 

11:41  Importance of authenticity in building your brand 

16:12  Finding your authentic brand’s tone of voice/identity 

19:08  The “couch-scenario” concept 

22:06  Why you need an online presence in 2022 

28:28  The crucial factor to become successful online 

04:45  Do it now because now in 2021, 2022, it’s like the hot thing, everyone’s talking about. People finally are understanding why is it so important. - Sabah Ali 

05:36  The person has been the most important part of the company brand. - Marcia Miatke 

06:36  People like companies but they resonate with people much more because there is real emotion, story and connection behind it. - Sabah Ali 

09:11  It’s more about how you change someone's life rather than how I am visually portraying. - Sabah Ali 

20:43  You can be smart, you can have all the resources but if you don’t know yourself; you’re going be adapting too much to someone else and not putting your own identity into it and you can only put your identity if you know who you are. - Marcia Miatke 

23:05  The best thing about social media and branding and creating offers, coaching etc., is you want to do you. You don't have to become a millionaire by doing it.  You can just have an additional 5K a month, 10K a month coming in and just live your life.  - Sabah Ali 

24:29  Once you bring awareness to what it is that you like in your life, it makes it so much simpler to show-up online. - Sabah Ali 

Sabah Ali is an entrepreneur, Business Coach, 2 Time TEDx Speaker, and #1 Best Selling Author, who is on a mission to Create Unforgettable Lives. Known for her branding work, she has assisted hundreds of passionate CEOs clarify their brand message, marketing strategy, and sales process to create an unforgettable brand that sells online organically; with clients based worldwide, she has helped generate in total of over $1 million+ revenue for her clients. Her work has been featured on Forbes, NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX News.  

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