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The Marcia Miatke Show

Apr 27, 2022

In this episode you'll learn:  

00:56  Understanding how the brain works 

02:16  The sponsor bias 

02:40  The confirmation bias 

05:52  The impact of bias on our lives 

06:21  Identifying & avoiding bias 

09:08  Bringing awareness to biases 

10:53  How our brains are wired for beliefs 

05:44 It’s up to us to decide what we truly want to believe, what do I want to be true. 

07:24  Our current reality right now is based upon the past. Our current reality now is what we created with our past thoughts, beliefs & behaviours. But at this moment right now we get to bring presence, consciousness & decide whether we want to keep living this path or not. Are we going to keep feeding ourselves these lies that confirm our view of the world or do we want to examine these lies and call B.S? 

09:27  The world isn’t getting worst we’re just being exposed to more of it through social media, etc. We’re all connected, we can talk to each other instantly, whereas we couldn’t do that 50 years ago so this world seems darker. The world isn’t any more dark than it was before we are just bringing it to awareness, but the beauty of bringing it into our awareness is we have the opportunity to change it. 


11:22  Don’t take those lies as truth, you get to decide what is true for you. 


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