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The Marcia Miatke Show

Aug 2, 2022

In this episode you'll learn:  

01:25  (1) I took responsibility for my role in past relationships 

02:58  (2) I did the work & continue to do the work 

04:00  (3) I forgave my ex & myself 

05:19  (4) I stayed single 

08:05  (5) I got clarity 

09:10  (6) I traded short term gratification for long term fulfillment 

11:47  (7) I got comfortable being alone 

13:24  (8) I allowed him to pursue  

15:28  (9) I became a ‘Queen’ that a ‘King’ could trust, respect & lean on 

18:10  (10) I create & maintain polarity 

01:15  Just because someone ticks all the boxes & is good on paper, does not mean that this person is going to make you feel safe, secure & seen. 

03:54  If I want to live my biggest life, I need to expand & grow myself. 

04:42  If you have guilt & shame about past relationships, you are going take that vibration with you into the next relationship & this will not attract someone in their healthy masculine or feminine because you are holding resentment toward yourself and your vibration will be resentment or lack of self-worth. 

05:57  When you don’t give yourself time to heal & to really learn what you needed to learn from the previous relationship. If you don’t give yourself the opportunity to learn, then how are you going to improve in the next relationship? How do you expect the next relationship to be better than the last relationship if you’re not willing to integrate any of the lessons? 

12:23  If I couldn’t stand being alone with myself, why would anybody else? 

17:05  If I didn’t see myself as a ‘Queen’ first, why would I expect him to mirror that back to me? 

17:32  You could have 2 women standing next to each other that look the exact same, they have all the same other characteristics but one is vibrating confidence & one is not, one is vibrating lack of self-worth, if the man is in his healthy masculine he will gravitate to the confident one.  

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