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The Marcia Miatke Show

Mar 24, 2022

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In this episode you’ll learn:  

03:10  Attracting people at our level of wounding 

04:38  Ignoring our highest self & intuition 

04:53  The greatest form of abandonment 

05:17  The impact of self-abandonment in a relationship 

06:45  Why we attract unhealthy relationships  

08:23  The key to attracting what you desire 

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04:00  You were in a place of self-neglect first and you were in a place of self-denial and self-abandonment. He or she may have given you this image of who they are and you gravitated toward that because were seeking love so badly, and because you didn’t feel the safety in your own body; you ignored the red flags. 

06:45  If you have not done the work you will also attract someone who has not done the work and then you will blame each other for not doing the work. 

07:21  We project our own limitations on our partners whenever we don’t feel fully secure; we project it on them. 

09:16  The goddess f***ing radiates goddess energy and the man just comes to her. 

09:59  Why do we expect our men to be all over us when we don’t adore ourselves. It’s an energetic mismatch and we are being victims in this world when we ask our man to heal a part of us. We are literally asking them to heal us when it's our job to heal ourselves. 

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